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Devious Dungeon review: 2D dungeon-crawling fun with an addictive edge

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The Good Devious Dungeon lets you relive the old-school platform gaming days, but adds new elements to keep the game interesting. Randomly generated dungeons mean the game is always different.

The Bad Weapon and item upgrade options are limited.

The Bottom Line Devious Dungeon is a great hack-and-slash dungeon crawler that's perfect for those who long for the simpler platform games of the past.


9.0 Overall
  • Setup 9
  • Features 8
  • Interface 9
  • Performance 10

Review Sections

Devious Dungeon for iOS is an old-school dungeon adventure game that adds RPG elements as you grind through dangerous (and devious) 2D dungeons. Not only do you run and jump from platform to platform as you kill monsters, you also can upgrade your equipment as you progress to higher levels in the game, but the upgrade options are not as extensive as I'd like.

Devious Dungeon was made by Ravenous Games, the same folks who made the similarly-styled League of Evil and Random Heroes games. If you played either of those popular titles, you know these developers aim for the retro gaming style, while bringing in modern features to keep the experience interesting. Devious Dungeon is no exception.

Familiar gameplay
At its core, Devious Dungeon is a platformer like you might have played in the 1990s. You get controls on the right for jumping and attacking and directional arrows on the left to control your hero. Though nothing can match the tactile precision of a controller, I found the touch controls to be very responsive, even when performing tricky maneuvers.

You start Devious Dungeon inside of Olaf's Emporium; a place you will return every few levels throughout the game where you can buy upgraded items like armor and weapons, and heal yourself before going back into the battle.

From Olaf's you can warp to the dungeon where the core gameplay begins. Here, the goal is to kill all the monsters you come across while trying to collect coins, find the key to the exit, then exit to move on to the next level. Each dungeon level is randomly generated, so even if you die and come back to a level, it will be completely different. It's important to note that your health carries over from one level to the next, so playing it safe is the best way to get through a run of levels before returning to safety at Olaf's Emporium.

To make it a bit more interesting, there are secret areas in some levels where you can find hidden treasure, and sometimes special tomes that give you a big chunk of experience points. This is why it is best to search out every level before heading for the exit.

Get stronger with upgrades
What gives this platformer an extra addictive quality are the RPG elements that let you upgrade your hero. Gaining experience through killing monsters and finding special books, your character levels up, letting you choose to upgrade one stat for either Strength (for more damage), Dexterity (chance to critical hit), or Health (higher overall hit points). You'll need to choose your stats wisely to create a perfect fighting machine.

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