Dell XPS 15z review: Dell XPS 15z

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MSRP: $1,534.00

The Good Thinner than usual. Full HD screen. Backlit keyboard. Decent performance.

The Bad Still heavy. Keyboard doesn't have the best response.

The Bottom Line For what you get for the price, the XPS 15z is a compelling mainstream laptop.

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8.0 Overall

The death of Stargate can't have been good for Dell.

Its constant product placement would have been perfect for the XPS 15Z, which looks like it would be at home on any sci-fi, from the rounded keys, to the gunmetal grey colour and militarised angles, to the strange HR Giger-esque pipe that's used for the hinge.

The 15Z is a push to make mainstream laptops thinner, although its structural integrity hasn't suffered at all from the move. The keyboard has though, with shorter throw causing more typos than we'd like cropping up due to its odd feel. The backlighting somewhat makes up for it, something we appreciate in any laptop.

It may be a little thinner than your average laptop, but it still weights the same — at 2.51kg it's not the lightest belle at the ball. Sound quality isn't the best either, as the reduced space in thin laptops usually means audio suffers. Dell's done reasonably well here, with a broader sound stage than most and with tonal correction from Realtek Audio Manager it's almost passable. They're definitely not up to JBL standards, but they'll fit the bill for system sounds. Those who want to engage with music and movies, however, will do better with a dedicated set of headphones.