Dell Latitude XT2 Laptop review: Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet

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The Good Solid and robust in tablet and notebook form. Business styled. Good performance.

The Bad Bad basic battery life. No in-built optical drive. Expensive.

The Bottom Line Dell's tablet isn't cheap, but it'll appeal to the business crowd who desire a solidly built system.

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7.7 Overall

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In its notebook form, Dell's Latitude XT2 tablet doesn't look much like a Dell laptop at all. There's no shiny plastic, there's no exciting media buttons, and the whole thing looks black and somewhat intimidating.

Mind you, some people like that kind of thing.

Still, if there's a notebook that the XT2 looks like, it's not a Dell but a Lenovo Thinkpad of the old school "they're boxy but they're good" mindset. This is a notebook that isn't just geared (and almost certainly priced) for business in an arbitrary way; it's a model that looks and feels like it's built only for getting things done.

As the name suggests, it's also a Tablet PC with a slate form factor. The XT2 feels really solid when you pick it up, and the act of flipping it between notebook and slate formats reinforces this feeling. Admittedly, if you don't like black you're plumb out of luck, but at least it's not smudgy fingerprint-prone piano black.


Tablets to date haven't exactly been working powerhouses as vendors struggle to keep operating weight down and battery life up. Dell equips the XT2 with either an Intel 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo ULV SU9300 processor or a 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo ULV SU9400 CPU. Neither options are going to do tons of number crunching compared to a full notebook. Our review sample came with the slightly speedier 1.4GHz part running on Windows 7 Enterprise edition, although at the time of writing Dell was still also offering up the various flavours of Vista to customers as well.

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