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The Dell P4317Q.


You've always wanted a desktop covered with monitors -- your own personal command center to control multiple computers, watch the game, and play Xbox all at the same time. But actually hooking up multiple monitors could be a logistical nightmare. Enter the Dell P4317Q: a 43-inch, 4K screen with four video inputs so you can have four screens in one.

While the new $1,350 monitor (roughly £918 or AU$1,876) is primarily targeted at financial traders and software developers who need charts, graphs or a whole lot of code on screen at any given time, it's got the ports for other use cases as well: two HDMI 1.4 sockets; DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort; and a VGA jack for legacy applications. You can assign each port to any corner you want, place two side by side or even fill the entire screen with the push of a button, according to Dell's product page.

Audio is piped to a pair of 8W speakers, and there's a headphone jack if you need. If you use the DisplayPort, it should support 4K resolution at 60 hertz, fast enough for many PC games.


That's a lot of charts.


With a fairly average 8 millisecond grey-to-grey response time and an 82 percent color gamut, the P4317Q likely won't be terribly impressive visually, but Dell does claim wide-viewing angles of 178 degrees in any direction.

We've never seen a monitor quite like this, and it's a smart idea from Dell. You may or may not know that every 4K screen is technically the same as four 1080p screens -- but you've never been able to put four separate video sources in each corner of a giant 4K screen until now.