Deepnet Explorer review: Deepnet Explorer

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The Good Built-in P2P client; tabbed pages in interface; antiphishing protection; familiar interface buttons.

The Bad Relatively weak P2P performance; no phone support.

The Bottom Line Deepnet Explorer may not have the institutional support of Internet Explorer, but it offers more built-in features than Microsoft provides.

7.0 Overall
  • Setup 7
  • Features 8
  • Support 6

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Deepnet Explorer 1.4

It has been a long time since Microsoft Internet Explorer had this much competition: Firefox, Opera 8, the beta of Netscape 8, and now Deepnet Explorer. Technically, Deepnet Explorer uses the same browser engine as Internet Explorer, so it is hard to call it a true competitor. Unlike its staid progenitor, however, Deepnet Explorer offers several built-in innovations that most Web surfers want, including better security features, an integrated P2P engine, an RSS newsreader, and a few cool interface tweaks such as tabbed Web page browsing. Seamless compatibility and a host of new features could make this the browser of choice for Net hipsters. However, those wanting to bolster their Internet security should opt for non-IE-based browsers such as Firefox, Opera, or even Netscape. Installing Deepnet Explorer takes only a few minutes. During setup, the browser automatically imported our cookies, settings, and favorites from Internet Explorer. The integrated search window enabled us to search multiple engines, including Google, XSPN, Yahoo Search, and MSN Search. Overall, the Deepnet interface is very similar to Internet Explorer's, with the biggest difference being the ability to open multiple tabbed Web pages within the browser. Tabbed browsing is already a popular feature within Firefox, Opera, and Netscape.

Deepnet Explorer offers the tabbed-browsing feature that Microsoft forgot.

In addition, you can configure Deepnet Explorer so that it displays multiple start pages. For example, whenever you start the browser, your personal home page, corporate intranet, and portal, such as Yahoo, will all be opened instantly and at your disposal.

You also get the broad compatibility with Deepnet that you're used to with IE. Because Deepnet Explorer is based on Internet Explorer, we were able to conduct online banking at heavily secured banking sites and open, multimedia-rich sites with no problems.

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