This coffee machine might actually make cold brew fast

The Dash cold brewer is built to make pitchers in minutes.

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The Dash Rapid Cold Brew System.


Cold brew coffee is delicious but takes way too long to make. The $129 Dash Rapid Cold Brew System though should whip up a full pitcher in just five minutes flat. That sure beats waiting the 12 to 24 hours it usually takes to create traditional cold brew.

StoreBound, the company with plans to bring the Dash brewer to market, recommends you use standard grounds suitable for drip inside the machine too. For regular cold brew it's best to grind your beans coarsely. The practice helps when the time comes to strain tasty coffee liquid from spent solids. However, it isn't convenient, since it's an extra step you probably don't do ordinarily.

Cold brew without the wait

According to StoreBound, the Dash coffee maker works by a method it calls "cold boil." Essentially the device uses a pump to create vacuum pressure within the brewing chamber. This effect causes water to swiftly circulate between the coffee grounds. The result of this fast and furious mixing apparently is properly extracted cold brew coffee.

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The process might sound far-fetched but it's a similar technique another appliance, the FirstBuild Prisma, was designed to employ. Like the Dash, the Prisma brewer relied on a vacuum pump to degasify water within its brew basket. This increased the solubility of brewing liquid in an effort to produce cold brew coffee in a fraction of the time it normally requires.

Outlook and availability

Now a project on Indiegogo, the $129 Dash Rapid Cold Brew System is yet another in a long line of crowdfunded coffee gadgets. These products rarely succeed even if they do become fully funded. As always caveat emptor remains the golden rule. Still, StoreBound does have a track record to point to in terms of both reaching its funding goals and actually bringing these products to market.

Examples include the PancakeBot and Sobro smart coffee table. While the jury's still out on the Sobro (though it's fully funded to the tune of almost $1.5 million), you can indeed buy a PancakeBot directly from StoreBound. The company also sells more mundane appliances such as the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, which actually operates well.

You currently have the option to back the Dash Rapid Cold Brew project for as little as $49 with the promise of receiving a machine by November this year. It goes without saying that these heavily discounted incentives are likely finite and subject to change.      

Dash Rapid Cold Brew System at a glance

  • $129 retail price
  • Two cup ground coffee capacity (170 grams)
  • 1.5 liter water reservoir (51 fluid ounces)
  • Five minute brew time
  • Brews 42 ounce batches (maximum)