This designer Dacor smart fridge is a Samsung spinoff

With built-in cameras and four doors, Dacor's newest fridge is straight out of the Samsung playbook -- not surprising, since Samsung acquired the luxury appliances brand in 2016.

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Meet Dacor's newest mega-fridge, the DRF427500AP. It's a luxurious-looking four-door French door model with built-in cameras, a companion app and a special compartment that swaps between freezer and fridge settings on request. If that pitch sounds familiar, it's because those are some of the exact same selling points you'll find with Samsung's high-end four-door fridges.

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Dacor's newest fridge offers the same four-door design as many of Samsung's high-end fridges -- and the features line up, too.


That shouldn't come as a surprise, given that Samsung acquired Dacor, an American luxury appliances manufacturer, back in August of 2016. It wasn't long after that we started seeing Samsung-esque features creeping into Dacor's fridge designs, first with the arrival of column-style single-door refrigerators with ingredient-tracking cameras, similar to the cameras inside Samsung's Family Hub smart fridge.

The new "FreshZone Plus" refrigerator borrows even more out of Samsung's playbook. In addition to the fridge cams, the 42-inch fridge also features the same four-door build with French-style doors that open from the center for both the fridge and freezer. That FreshZone feature is just a re-branded spin on Samsung's FlexZone compartment, which lets you flip the bottom right quadrant of the refrigerator between fridge and freezer settings.

Dacor looks to be trying to marry popular, high-end features like those with its own emphasis on premium construction. The 23.5 cubic foot, counter-depth fridge comes panel-ready to blend in with wooden kitchen decor, and comes in your choice of stainless steel or graphite finishes. Inside, you'll find an all-stainless steel interior, plus an internal water dispenser and dual ice maker that'll dish out your choice of standard ice or "cocktail ice."

As for the smarts, you'll be able to check the camera feeds and control temperature settings and features such as the fridge's Sabbath mode by downloading Dacor's Kitchen IQ app.

Pricing for the new FreshZone Plus fridge isn't locked in just yet, but you should expect it to be quite expensive. Dacor's other French door fridges typically start at around $8,000 through Dacor's network of dealers. We'll be keeping an eye out for it in 2018, so stay tuned.