Colin McDonald/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- Dacor jumped headlong into the smart appliances waters last year by launching its Discovery IQ line, the debut model of which incorporated a full-fledged Android tablet into a high-end double wall oven. This year, the company has demonstrated its commitment to the concept by updating its Android app and adding the Discovery IQ Dual-Fuel Range to the lineup.

The Android component felt limited last year, despite its ostentation. It gave cooks the ability to download recipes and program the cook settings into the oven, and it also had a cooking tutorial feature, but you couldn't directly adjust the cook settings through your phone. With this updated version of the app, you now get remote preheating, and it can also monitor cook time and temperature, the latter through a built-in meat probe.

Even without that update, this is an impressive range.

Forty-eight-inches long with six, 14-inch brass burners and two side-by-side oven compartments, this Discovery IQ range is essentially a professional-grade cooking product aimed at wealthy cooking enthusiasts that regularly cook for large groups. It's the largest range in Dacor's entire product portfolio, and also one of the most expensive, coming in with an $11,999 price tag.

The extra features that you get for the price tag -- 10 different cooking modes in the convection ovens, slow-closing doors, a pivoting control panel, burners designed to hold a very low simmer -- all help punctuate this range as a luxury item. Most of the smart features feel a little superfluous next to all of that, but for the very rich cooks who will buy this range, Dacor must believe in the value of the extra high-tech sheen.

You can have your assistant tell your personal shopper to look for the Discovery IQ Dual-fuel Range to go on sale in June 2014. The updated software is available for download to existing Discovery IQ wall ovens today.