D-Link dishes out a new budget Wi-Fi Smart Plug

D-Link's latest Wi-Fi Smart Plug delivers Belkin WeMo Switch functionality for less.

Megan Wollerton

Megan Wollerton

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D-Link's new $40 Wi-Fi Smart Plug. D-Link

We weren't particularly impressed with the $50 D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug (model number DSP-W215) that we reviewed earlier this year. Its setup was complicated and I had to reinstall the app every time it was unplugged. It also didn't have an accompanying IFTTT channel or a particularly intuitive app -- two major no-no's in the smart home sector.

But now D-Link is back with a new $40 Wi-Fi Smart Plug (model number DSP-W110) that might just be an improvement over its clunky predecessor.

If the pricier DSP-W215, which keeps track of power consumption and has a sensor that shuts off overheating appliances, is in direct competition with Belkin's $60 WeMo Insight Switch , D-Link's new $40 plug is closer to the $50 Belkin WeMo Switch in terms of features.

D-Link's new (left) and existing Wi-Fi Smart Plugs side-by-side. D-Link

So, while you won't be able to check your energy usage with this plug, you will still be able to turn your gadgets on and off remotely and set recurring schedules on the related app. D-Link's new plug has also undergone a clear design overhaul -- a definite upgrade over the more utilitarian-looking DSP-W215.

Since D-Link's new Wi-Fi Smart Plug works on the same Mydlink app, and IFTTT isn't mentioned in the official press release, it doesn't seem that this new plug is a huge departure from its previous iteration. Still, it should round out the brand's smart plug offerings and make it more competitive with Belkin and Wi-Fi plug startups such as SensePlug.io .

The $40 D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug is available today on the D-Link site and on Amazon. We've asked D-Link to send us their new plug, so expect to hear more details on the DSP-W110 soon.