Clingo Universal Car Phone Mount review: This phone mount needs a bath

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The Good The Clingo Universal Car Phone Mount makes it easy to position a phone well in a car, and it's easy to attach and detach a phone.

The Bad The adhesive pad fails to hold a phone when it gets dirty, so it needs frequent washing.

The Bottom Line The Clingo Universal Car Phone Mount would be an excellent smartphone mount if not for the need for frequent cleaning.

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5.7 Overall

The trick for a good smartphone mount in the car is to make it easy to attach and detach your phone. Clingo solves this problem with an adhesive pad that is able to grip a smartphone pressed against it. Unlike standard adhesives, Clingo claims, its material will not lose its stickiness while at the same time leaving no residue on the phone.

The Clingo Universal Car Phone Mount consists of the adhesive pad, a plastic arm of about 8 inches, and a suction cup. The arm hinges off the suction cup with a 150-degree arc, while a ball joint lets the pad rotate 60 degrees from the arm. The hinge for the arm has a tightening screw so it can be fixed in a single position. A paddle pulls the center of the suction cup back to help attach it to a windshield.

The plastic parts feel sturdy, although with a little force the adhesive pad comes off of its ball joint. It is easy to pop the ball joint back into place. The arm is of a good length to span most dashboards, putting the phone in an easily visible and reachable spot. The hinge and ball joint make it possible to attach the suction cup to most windshields where it will not obstruct the view of the road too much, while still allowing good phone positioning.

At about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide, the adhesive pad is well-shaped to handle any smartphone in the market. The adhesive pad will attach to metal and plastic, but will not stick to rubber.

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