The Chi Touchscreen Clothing Iron will be available in July.

Chris Monroe/CNET

For many of us curly-headed folks, Chi is the gold-standard when it comes to flat-iron brands. Last year, the company extended its straightening know-how to wrinkles and created a line of clothing irons. And this July, Chi will add a touchscreen control panel to its clothing irons to make ironing easier, a feature the company says is the first of its kind. 

We got a look at the $150 Chi Touchscreen Clothing Iron over the weekend at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. The touchscreen lets you adjust the iron's settings based on your own needs: You can select the material you want to iron, the temperature at which you want to iron and the power level. The touchscreen will also give you heating alerts as the iron warms up. The iron also shares the same titanium-infused ceramic plate as Chi's hair straighteners.

On its own, the touchscreen might not be enough of a selling point for Chi's newest clothing iron. You can select many of the same options for your clothes on other irons, even if you have to turn a wheel or slide a dial to choose the correct setting. And $150 is a lot for an iron, especially when you consider that retailers like Target sell lots of clothing irons for less than $20

Luxury ironing isn't unheard of, though. Take, for example, the $1,400 Laurastar Smart, a system made up of an ironing board with a built-in water tank and filter and a Bluetooth-enabled iron. So Chi's iron might be worth checking out if you're really serious about banishing wrinkles from your favorite button-downs, want to get more precise temperature controls when you're getting the wrinkles out of your favorite clothes or you just trust Chi's straightening technology.