Although it isn't exactly what one might call a household name in Australia, Changhong has been around in China since 1958 and produced its first TV in 1972. They've hit the local market with an array of products, including two 29-inch TVs; the LED29A6500, which we're looking at here, and the LED29A6500DV, which has a built in DVD player.

It should be noted that this screen isn't HD — it's got a resolution of 1366x768, which may be a problem for people, straight off the bat. That aside, it's got three HDMI ports, which is impressive for a TV of this size, along with DTV recording via USB. The TV is fairly well made, easily set up and at 8kg, could easily be dragged from room to room, as needed.

Changhong are pitching the TV, with its unusual 29-inch screen size, as a good second TV for other rooms. While the price is definitely right, we'll have a full review soon, looking at just how successful this product may be.