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Cellhelmet iPhone 4S Case (Blue/Green) review: Cellhelmet iPhone 4S Case (Blue/Green)

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MSRP: $44.99

The Good The Cellhelmet iPhone case comes with accidental-damage coverage, which entitles customers to unlimited handset repairs within the first 12 months and one iPhone replacement.

The Bad The Cellhelmet's coverage plan doesn't account for water damage, the case itself isn't attractive, and its edges are scratchy.

The Bottom Line Because of its accidental-damage coverage plan, the Cellhelmet iPhone case has a steep price. But if you prefer peace of mind from damage over price and aesthetics, it's worth considering.

6.7 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7

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Damaging your handset, whether it's an iPhone or not, is no fun. Some people may be able to shrug off a scuff or two, but others may have a conniption at the sight of a dent.

And while there are plenty of options out there -- cases that emphasize ruggedness, extra battery life, and everything in between -- few case companies go so far as replacing your entire phone if it's beyond repair.

Cellhelmet, however, does just that.

Cellhelmet, manufactured in the United States by the unfortunately named Cellpig, is an iPhone 4/4S case made out of polyurethane rubber and costs $44.99. If you damage your device while it's in a Cellhelmet, the company will repair it and send it to you back within three business days. If Cellpig can't, it'll replace your iPhone altogether.

Cellhelmet iPhone case
The Cellhelmet case with blue-and-green back plates. Josh Miller/CNET

Of course, there is some fine print. The company will only fix the damage if it occurred within the first 12 months of your Cellhelmet purchase. And while it'll repair a cracked screen or a broken motherboard, it won't cover water damage. In addition, every time you send your handset in, it'll set you back $50 for the handling fee.

But that's pretty much it. Under those stipulations, you're allowed an unlimited number of repairs with no monthly fees.

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