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While Casio is known better for their watches and calculators in most parts of the world, the Japanese company also makes cameras. And the latest EX-FR10 action camera from Casio's Exilim is built on a very cool premise.

Instead of having an LCD screen flipping around to help you take selfies like some compacts, the EX-FR10 flips the lens. Of course, it isn't that different when you think about it, but the EX-FR10 has one more trick up its sleeve -- the camera module can be detached for remote shooting.

The camera module of the EX-FR10 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.1, and you can use the 2-inch LCD display as a controller. The EX-FR10 further comes bundled with accessories that let you strap it on your forehead or your wrist so that you can use it like a GoPro.

In terms of specs, the camera has Wi-Fi for sharing images with your smartphone, a 16.7-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, and a microSD card slot. The camera can take full HD videos at 30 frames per second. Battery life is rated at 4 hours for still shots and 1 hour for video. The camera sports an f/2.8 lens with 4X digital zoom.

Since you're likely to be using this outdoors where the weather may not be kind to electronics, the EX-FR10 is splash and dust-proof. You can also drop it from a height of around 2 meters without breaking it (though it's likely you'll leave scuff marks).

The Casio EX-FR10 is slated to hit stores in Singapore at the end of September for S$699 ($559) as well as in Japan for 50,000 yen ($476). It's unlikely to reach US shores any time soon, since Casio has mostly pulled out of the market there.