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Canon Legria HFR36 review: Canon Legria HFR36

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The Good Well priced. Inclusion of Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Bad Flimsy build quality. Video quality not great. Frustrating interface and menus.

The Bottom Line While the HFR36 is a cheap camcorder, you definitely get what you pay for.

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7.2 Overall

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Given the reasonable price of the HFR36, it comes as no surprise that it looks, feels and performs like a cheap camcorder. For better-quality footage, check out this model's big brother, the Canon HFM52, which has a number of additional features that make its extra price worthwhile. However, if it's a lightweight, affordable camcorder you want, then this device won't disappoint.

Design and features

The biggest concern we had when using the Canon HFR36 was that it feels flimsy. It's far too small in the palm for anyone with slightly larger hands, and it does feel like you could crush it. Another irritating problem is the persistent rattling sounds we found when moving the camera — it feels like something's broken. Obviously, the body of the device uses a cheap, lightweight plastic, which is to be expected given the price. However, we are happy to see that Canon offers different colours for this model, making it an easy purchase for those shooters who want to make a splash.

With 32x optical zoom and 8GB of internal memory (plus SD/SDHC/SDXC support), there's plenty of scope for taking lots of footage. The 3-inch LCD touchscreen is very disappointing, though, mostly because of the menu interface. It's disorganised and frustrating to navigate, making it difficult to find many of the functions listed, as the category names don't adequately describe what you're looking for.

On a brighter note, it is extremely impressive to find Wi-Fi on this device, as it's unexpected in such an inexpensive camcorder. This sophisticated feature is something that one would expect of a far more expensive device.

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