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LAS VEGAS -- I'm really not sure what to think about Canon's latest oddity. The Connect Station CS100 is a 1TB storage dock that lets you back up to and stream video and photos from Wi-Fi connected Canon devices to mobile devices or to your TV via HDMI (HD only). It can also print wirelessly to Canon printers and be used to transfer content from one Canon device to another.

Note that it only works with Canon devices equipped with active NFC, required for the connection, which the company is years behind the rest of the pack in implementing -- it's just debuting in the company's 2015 products. (Passive NFC waits to receive a signal; active broadcasts an RF field.)

You can stick an SD or CF card in the CS100, which can automatically back up the contents. If you want to share images, you have to do it via Canon Image Gateway. You can attach a USB hard drive to it to back up, but it's not upgradable to a larger drive.

Canon first exhibited the CS100 prototype in 2010. That means it took the company almost five years to bring the pieces together in order to make a product which I don't think people are particularly clamoring for. Especially for $300. (We didn't have UK or Australian pricing at launch, but a direct conversion would be £196 or AU$371.)

It ships in April.