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Cambridge Audio Minx S215 speakers review: Cambridge Audio Minx S215 speakers

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The Good Impressive sound with music and movies. Potent subwoofer. Various mounting options.

The Bad High-gloss black attracts the dust. That's it.

The Bottom Line The Cambridge Audio Minx S215 is a set of 5.1-surround sound speakers, which combines small size with high-quality, room-filling sound.

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8.5 Overall

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Loudspeaker technology has long dictated that to make decent levels of sound you basically need big boxes and drive units. All that changed a little while back when a collection of clever audio techs invented a new form of flat panel driver system. It goes by a couple of names — NXT, or what we have here, BMR.

Design and features

BMR, or Balanced Mode Radiator to use its full title, are advanced single driver speakers with small dimensions but full bandwidth and wide dispersion characteristics. The basic idea is small speakers, big sound.

Seriously compact cubes, the Minx family comprises two different satellites and there are three subwoofers to match. We put together this system using the smallest — five Min10 sats and X200 sub. Measuring a mere respective 78mm and 203mm square, the satellites take up hardly any space plus there are a variety of mounting options so room placement is very flexible.

Cambridge Audio has done a great job on the build and finish and the scratch-resistant white or black high-gloss lacquer looks suitably stylish.

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