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Bush TR2015WIFI review: Bush TR2015WIFI

The Good Simplicity; styling; sheer number of stations available; support for BBC 'Listen Again'.

The Bad No FM or DAB; not possible to use batteries; quality of Internet stations is variable; no option to plug it in to a wired network.

The Bottom Line The Bush TR2015WIFI is a simple-to-use Internet radio that lets you indulge your wilder musical tastes. With support for the excellent 'Listen Again' feature offered by the BBC, and reasonable sound quality, it's a good choice

6.5 Overall

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Do you find the selection of stations on FM and DAB radios limiting? If you fancy broadening your horizons, or have very specific tastes in music, you should probably consider a portable Internet radio device, which would allow you to choose from the thousands of radio stations available online. Whatever music you like, whether it's psytrance 24/7 or some new kind of jazz/funk fusion that you can't get on British radio, you'll find it on the Internet.

The Bush TR2015WIFI offers access to all of these stations via a small, light radio that connects to your home Wi-Fi network.

At 826g, the TR2015 is pretty light for a radio, making it easy to carry around. The controls at the top of the player are simple and easy to use -- the dial is multi-functional and is used to select menu options. This system works well and is satisfyingly responsive.

The TR2015 is a doddle to set up. To get it online you simply enter the network details of the wireless network you want to use and enter your passkey. The radio will then connect, go online and grab a list of radio stations, which you will then be able to browse at your leisure.

In order to tune in, you can pick stations either by their country of origin or genre. If you are looking for a traditional radio station, like Virgin, Kiss or Radio 1, you'll be better off going through the 'by country' menu. If you just fancy picking a station based on what it plays, the genre menu is the one for you. There are about 512 stations listed for the UK, which should keep you occupied for some time.

Not only can you listen to live radio, but where a station offers an 'on-demand' service you can also listen to past shows. This feature works very well with the BBCs 'Listen Again' feature. When the radio finds a station compatible it will offer you a choice: either listen to live radio, or use the on-demand feature to hear a previously broadcast programme.

When using the on-demand feature, you can even choose the point in the show where you start playback from. The quality depends on what bit rate the broadcaster uses to stream the content.

It's hard to fault the TR2015, however we do wish Bush had given us the option to power the radio from batteries -- being able to listen to this in your garden during the summer would be fantastic. We would also have preferred more volume on a few occasions, especially when listening to on-demand content, which was particularly quiet for some reason.

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