Buffalo LinkStation Pro (1TB) review: Buffalo LinkStation Pro (1TB)

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MSRP: $299.99

The Good Broad range of features. Decent performance. USB port for extra storage, print server or UPS. Power-management switch is an interesting feature.

The Bad Web UI is slow to the point of giving up. Hard drive isn't user-serviceable.

The Bottom Line The LinkStation Pro has a diverse feature set and impressive performance for a device of this size. If Buffalo can drastically speed up the UI to reduce frustration with the next revision, it'll have a clear winner on its hands.

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7.5 Overall

Buffalo isn't widely known across Australia, but its products have been available here for some time. Those aware of the Japanese firm most likely know it from its Pioneer optical drive re-badged with custom firmware, efforts that have garnered much respect in the ODD world.

It's not just optical drives that Buffalo deals with, though; its single drive, glossy black NAS, the LinkStation Pro, crossed our desks recently. Coming in 1TB and 2TB flavours, the unit has a gigabit Ethernet port on the rear, a USB port for expanded storage/printers and a three-way switch.

That's not the network-style switch, but a physical switch that you flick. You can leave it in the "on" position so that the NAS stays permanently on, "off" to keep it off and "auto", which is an interesting attempt at power-saving. If you have Buffalo's NAS Navigator 2 software installed on all computers across the network and they're all turned off, the NAS shuts down. If a single one starts up, the NAS starts up with it.

Logging into the device isn't pleasant — the web UI is immensely laggy and slow, often leading you to think that the device has failed. Despite this, speed was respectable, with a 43MBps-sustained write and 73MBps read. Not quite up to Western Digital's efforts with the My Book Live, but still excellent for a drive of this size.

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