The Bosch Roxxter robot vacuum showcased at IFA 2017.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Bosch is yet another appliance maker with big plans for a smart, app-connected robot vacuum. At IFA 2017 in Berlin the company is talking up the new Roxxter automatic floor cleaner. The machine is the first Bosch small appliance to support its Home Connect application.

As a result, the Roxxter will offer many advanced features. For instance an onboard digital camera is capable of streaming video directly to your phone. Theoretically the function allows its owners to monitor conditions at home remotely through the app. Apparently the Roxxter will heed verbal commands you give to the Alexa voice assistant as well.

The Bosch Roxxter offers advanced smart features and app connectivity.


Other abilities the Roxxter will provide are more typical of robotic vacuum cleaners you can buy today. Like Neato's Botvac lineup (D3, D5, Botvac Connected), the Roxxter scans its surroundings for furniture, stairs and other obstacles. It then makes note of these potential pitfalls and strives to avoid them.

You can designate areas you want off-limits to the Roxxter vacuum.


Also, as do top-tier iRobot Roombas and Neato models, the Roxxter both compiles cleaning stats and generates detailed maps. Additionally you'll be able to unmark areas where the robot should steer clear of. Examples include thick-pile carpets or kids' rooms often strewn with legos, small toys and other debris.     

At the moment Bosch has not set pricing or an availability date for the Roxxter. This machine though sounds as advanced as the current Miele Scout RX1 ($500, £400 or AU$850) and upcoming Scout RX2, so it will likely cost a pretty penny.