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BoomBotix Boombot2 wireless speakers review: BoomBotix Boombot2 wireless speakers

The back of the BB2 hosts a belt clip, an auxiliary jack, and a Micro-USB port. Josh Miller/CNET

Setup is easy enough. Simply press the button once to turn it on and then quickly press it twice. When the star flashes blue, Bluetooth mode is on. After you pair it with your device (BoomBotix's instructions read that the device will show up as "BT-A2DP," but it showed up on my handset as simply "Bombot2"), you can begin playing music.

The sound quality on the BB2 is perfectly adequate. At max volume, the device can easily fill a large room with music. At midvolume, sound is rich and full of depth. There was no extraneous buzzing or tinniness. The bass isn't robust, and if you have an iPhone or iPod, it helps to choose "bass reducer" in the sound equalizer settings.

Boombotix reports that the speaker's range is about 30 feet with no walls in between. When I tested it out, signal got noticeably weak about 35 feet out. Audio clipped in and out and if I turned my back to the BB2, the music would stop altogether. Within the 30 feet range, however, music played consistently and reliably, even with my back to the device.

On Bluetooth, the BB2 has a reported continual play time of 6 to 8 hours, depending on volume. With a headphone connection, its battery time bumps up to 8 to 12 hours, and it takes about 1.5 hours to regain a full charge.

Though it's sure to catch a lot of attention at any small get-together, if you're an audiophile who prioritizes sound quality, the Boombot2 is not for you. However, if you're looking for a neat gift for a teenage relative, the BB2 isn't a bad choice. Its fun design is geared toward a younger audience of people with active lifestyles, and if your gift target appreciates quirky aesthetics, this should be right up his or her alley.

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