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BoomBotix Boombot2 wireless speakers review: BoomBotix Boombot2 wireless speakers

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The Good The Boombot2 has a trendy and quirky design, is Bluetooth-enabled, and clips on for easy portability.

The Bad The Boombot2's bass quality is poor and its unique build looks awkward and chunky when attached to a belt loop.

The Bottom Line Though not for hard-core audiophiles, the Boombot2 is a fun wireless speaker good for a young and active consumer.

6.5 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Performance 6

I've never really been into the whole vinyl toy collectibles thing these crazy kids are into these days. Although some figurines are indeed cute, ever since I got stuck with this one Tokidoki Unicorno I didn't want, I've been turned off by the whole thing. (Seriously, what is that? A Rastafarian unicorn?) In addition to being a little expensive, they're also, well, useless.

Fortunately, BoomBotix took the concept of these vinyl toys and added some functionality. Its series of wireless Bluetooth speakers called Boombot2 (BB2) can be customized and you can play music on them through your iPhone or Android device. Bluetooth-enabled laptops and MP3 players also work. And though you can always "collect" all five versions, at $70 a pop, I wouldn't suggest it.

The Boombot2 stands 3.6 inches tall by 3.8 inches wide, and is 1.8 inches thick. It's made of soft-coated vinyl plastic and includes a belt clip on the back so you can attach it to your pants. Keep in mind that it weighs 5.12 ounces (about a third of a pound), and the build isn't sleek, so if you do use the belt clip, you run the risk of looking like a dweeb. Don't get me wrong -- the clip comes in handy while hiking, skateboarding, or gallivanting around town, but other than that, the BB2 looks best when stationary.

Though it is too big to not look awkward clipped to your belt loop, it is small enough to throw in a backpack or shoulder bag. And because it doesn't require any wires, save for when it needs to be charged, it is convenient to carry along to the beach or on the road.

This is my arm-akimbo apathetic teenager pose. Josh Miller/CNET

My best description of the BB2 is that it looks like a cracked-out squid skull. The two circular speaker grilles in the front represent eyes, which you can remove and customize by purchasing different designs (those go for $5.99). On the top left hand corner is a star-shaped LED light that can indicate several things, including when Bluetooth mode is on, when the battery is low, or when it's done charging.

Up top are the power button and two buttons on either side of it for the volume. On the back are the aforementioned belt clip and two ports: an auxiliary jack and a Micro-USB port for charging.

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