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BoB Lite review: BoB Lite

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The Good Self configuration works well. Includes VoIP ports. USB storage. FetchTV compatible.

The Bad Average performance for an 802.11n router. USB 3G configuration is complex. Wireless security not pre-enabled. Dual-band, but both are 2.4GHz.

The Bottom Line BoB's little brother isn't a speed demon, but it is simple to connect up and surprisingly powerful for such a cheap router.

8.8 Overall

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iiNet's second take on the BoB (Broadband in a Box, which we've commented previously should make it BiaB) modem-router concept carries the suffix of "Lite", but that's definitely not a comment on its relative size. BoB Lite is a big boy in the modem world, and you'll need a bit of desk space to accommodate him, albeit not quite as much as with the original BoB.

It's also the only router we've seen to date that, out of the box has the words "Hurrah!" printed on it in big friendly letters. For those of a less bombastic nature, this is just a sticker detailing the initial set-up procedure that can be removed if you wish.


BoB Lite's whole shtick is that you can just plug it in and let it do its thing; it should in theory communicate with iiNet's servers, grab your password and user details based on the phone line you're connecting from. It's worth noting that if you do that, your network is by default laid bare for the world to access. iiNet concedes this point with a slim leaflet in the box that suggests you set up a wireless access password. Call us picky, but even a simple predefined password would be a better bet for a product that's pitched squarely at networking novices.

BoB Lite is a 300Mbps-capable 802.11n wireless modem-router. Like its ancestor, the original BoB, it's operating on the 2.4GHz range, and just like the original BoB, there's a secondary 2.4GHz radio embedded within. By default it's switched off, which should improve throughput on the primary radio, but if you wanted two competing 2.4GHz networks in a very small space, it's there.

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