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Blue Snowflake USB Microphone review: Blue Snowflake USB Microphone

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The Good The Blue Microphones Snowflake offers a classy way to outfit your Mac or PC with an above-average external USB microphone.

The Bad The Snowflake is surprisingly heavy, awkward to perch on a laptop screen, and its recording quality may not satisfy musicians.

The Bottom Line The Snowflake USB microphone is more flash than substance, but it's a slick way to outfit your computer with an external microphone.

6.7 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 6
  • Performance 7

To truly take advantage of computer-based communications such as VoIP and Skype, you'll eventually want to invest in a decent USB microphone. Unlike those cheap microphones that plug into your desktop computer's mic input, or the noisy microphone built into your laptop, a quality USB microphone like the Snowflake ($79) can make you sound like a million bucks.

It's easy to find USB microphones that are a better value than the Blue Microphones Snowflake, but what makes the Snowflake something special is its luxurious and portable design that looks like it fell from the pages of Dick Tracy. The Snowflake can be positioned in two ways: loosely hung over a laptop screen or resting on a tabletop. In either orientation, an included 3-foot USB cable runs from the back of the microphone to your computer. Beneath the Snowflake's metal J-shaped stand lies a detachable hollow plastic base used to store the USB cable when not in use. The Snowflake's microphone capsule swivels 360 degrees on its base, and can collapse into a portable 3-inch by 2-inch block.

The Snowflake USB microphone's design allows it to hang off a laptop screen, but its hefty metal construction is less precarious when placed on a table.

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