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Billion BiPAC 7700N review: Billion BiPAC 7700N

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After analysing the spectrum with InSSIDer, the clearest 2.4GHz channel is chosen wireless testing. Usually, the router is restricted to the 20MHz band if the option is available.

We use iperf to determine throughput, running eight streams, with a TCP window size of 1MB and an interval of one second. The test is run for five minutes in three different locations, on two separate occasions. The locations are in the same room as the router: one floor down around spiral stairs and with concrete walls and floors, and two floors down under the same conditions.

The wireless throughput is tested using three chipsets (the Atheros AR5008X, Ralink RT2870 and Intel Ultimate-N 6300), and then all results are averaged.

2.4GHz throughput (in Mbps)

  • Billion BiPAC 7800NL
  • Cisco Linksys X2000
  • Billion BiPAC 7700N
  • Netgear DGND3700
  • Location one (same room, no obstructions) 107.5385.1784.3768.17
  • Location two (one floor down, some obstructions) 114.338362.1360.83
  • Location three (two floors down, some obstructions) 53.2744.9030.9723.74

(Longer bars indicate better performance)

For a sub-AU$100, the Billion 7700N does rather well on its 2.4GHz performance.


Despite being a budget router, a two-year warranty is still the norm on Billion's routers, doubling the likes of competitors Netgear and Cisco.


Billion's BiPAC 7700N is a fantastic little router for those on a budget, or if you need to set your parents up with something basic. It may not handle P2P as well as its bigger brother the 7800NL, but if your needs are simple, this is temptation in a tiny package.

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