Billion BiPAC 7700N review: Billion BiPAC 7700N

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The Good Amazingly cheap for what it does. Good wireless performance.

The Bad Smaller NAT table means it might find some torrents taxing. No progress bar during firmware update.

The Bottom Line Billion's BiPAC 7700N is a fantastic little router for those on a budget, or if you need to set your parents up with something basic. It may not handle P2P as well as its bigger brother the 7800NL, but if your needs are simple, this is temptation in a tiny package.

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8.5 Overall

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Billion's BiPAC 7700N is a tiny router. At 150x110x22mm, it could almost be cute. Almost entirely white and quite boxy, it'll also likely be easy to hide or stack somewhere, unlike a certain UFO-shaped brand.

Despite being an amazing AU$89.95, it is quite similar to Billion's slightly more expensive 7800NL, just without IPv6 support, removable antennas and features a smaller NAT table.

Specs at a glance

Firmware tested B038_K82_GH-00-1954
ADSL2+ modem Yes
Annex M Yes
3G modem No
IPv6 No
Wireless protocols 802.11b/g/n
Dual-band No
Highest wireless security WPA2
Ethernet ports 4x 100Mb
USB print sharing/storage No
Accessories Line filter, phone cable, network cable, manual CD


The 7700N follows the tried and true 4x 100-megabit Ethernet port path, meaning it's fine for those who just want wireless access to the internet, and don't care so much about large local file transfers.

Billion BiPAC 7700N rear

Phone line in, 4x 100Mb Ethernet ports, WPS button, wireless on/off button, power button, power jack.
(Credit: CBS Interactive)

UI and features

The 7700N is running a different operating system to the 7800NL, but still manages to retain almost all of the features. The interface is more intimidating to newcomers than Billion usually presents, so we'd advise neophytes to stick to the quick set-up, or have a techy person on hand.

There is plenty here to like, considering the price point. Port, IP, time of day and URL filtering is here, for a start. Port forwarding, dynamic DNS, UPnP and QoS are too, and it can act as a wireless bridge. You can have up to three guest wireless LANs running. It even supports grouping interfaces so you can run multiple networks from the one router.

Billion's BiPAC 7700N interface is a little plainer than usual. If Billion managed a top-notch interface to match its top-notch reliability, we'd imagine they'd do even better in the market.
(Screenshot by CBS Interactive)

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