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Beyerdynamic DTX 50 noise-isolating headphones review: Beyerdynamic DTX 50 noise-isolating headphones

The Good Powerful bass; decent noise isolation.

The Bad Not enough definition in mid-ranges.

The Bottom Line The Beyerdynamic DTX 50s are a great set of noise-isolating headphones if you're a fan of electronic music -- the bass reproduction is immensely powerful, but it's at the expense of decent mid-range dynamics

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7.5 Overall

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Getting rid of the poor cans that came with your MP3 player is a very good idea, and you needn't pay a fortune. Not only are the Beyerdynamic DTX 50s good value at around £45 online, they feature a great low response range and noise-isolating tips to keep the outside world at bay.

Included in the box is a packet of silicone tips of varying sizes, to help ease the 'phones deep into your ear canal, providing a very comfortable fit. Choosing a snug-fitting tip is crucial to getting optimum performance from the noise-isolating technology.

The 1.2m cable is perfect for on-the-go music use, and has a standard 3.5mm stereo jack to connect to your portable audio player.

As for sound quality, it's the bass reproduction that swipes the gold medal for the DXT 50s. The raw power contained within these earphones give a pair that are twice the price a run for their money. Low-end tones are thick, warm and outrageously deep, which is crucial for the true reproduction of dance, metal and live music.

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