Bellagio Universal Case

Quick Take: Buying a PDA is an investment, and once you have it, you'll want to protect it. That's where a nice case comes in handy. The beauty of the Bellagio Universal Case ($40) is that it fits most of today's PDAs and gives you room to carry your other personal belongings. On the left inside cover of the leather case, there are two holders for memory cards; four slots to hold credit cards, a driver's license, and the like; and a zipper pouch for tucking away other valuables. To secure your PDA, there are two magnetic dots on the right which you adhere to the back of your PDA. However, before you do this, make sure you're committed to this case because these heavy-duty stickers will require some strong-arming to peel off. We slipped in the compact PalmOne Zire 72 and the larger HP iPaq hx4700, and they both fit inside the case. However, we encountered a problem with the Zire 72, as the raised back (where the camera lens is located) causes a slight gap between the PDA and the case; thus, the magnets don't make contact. Zire 72 users or anyone who owns a PDA with features on the back should take note.