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Belkin MiniWireless Optical Mouse review: Belkin MiniWireless Optical Mouse

The Belkin MiniWireless Optical Mouse is tiny, but you pay the price in comfort and key features.

Andrew Gruen
Andrew Gruen
is an intern who reviews products for CNET.com and CNET News.com.
Andrew Gruen
There's no software or special features associated with the MiniWireless Optical Mouse; all you get is a downright diminutive rodent. Its small size is great for saving space in your bag, but you'll pay the price in comfort and key features, such as storing the receiver with the mouse so that it doesn't get lost in your bag. Unless you need the absolutely smallest travel mouse possible, we recommend you check out the Logitech's V450 or VX Revolution or Microsoft's Wireless Microsoft Notebook Laser Mouse 6000.

Using the Belkin MiniWireless Optical Mouse feels a bit like mousing with a 16-stick pack of gum. It weighs just 2.9 ounces and is roughly half the size of competitors. To get it that small, Belkin made sacrifices in both the comfort and convenience categories. You can forget about the MiniWireless Optical Mouse filling your hand--for most people, all you'll need is two fingers to hold it. Though the mouse is obviously targeted at travelers, its tiny size makes it impossible to store the wireless receiver with it. The receiver itself is not much smaller than the mouse, making it one of the largest receivers for notebook mice. It's also one of the worst performers we've seen, barely keeping a connection with the mouse at just less than three feet away.


Belkin MiniWireless Optical Mouse

The Good

Extremely small and portable; includes standard desktop mouse features.

The Bad

Too small for comfortable use; large receiver does not store with the mouse; very short range.

The Bottom Line

The Belkin MiniWireless Optical Mouse is tiny, but you pay the price in comfort and key features.