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The Good Compact size. Good button placement. Supports many file formats. Expandable memory to 16GB through SD card slot.

The Bad Interface not intuitive for new users.

The Bottom Line The BeBook Mini takes some getting used to, but it's the perfect handbag-sized ebook reader for someone on the go.

7.0 Overall

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The BeBook Mini is one of the smallest ebook readers currently on the market. With dimensions of 151x105.5x10mm, it's a bit too big for the average pocket, but it is the perfect size for your handbag.

The Mini has a comfortable and ergonomic design with a set of page-turning controls located on both sides, allowing you to read and turn pages comfortably with one hand. The SD card slot as well as the USB port are situated at the top of the Mini, but regrettably, the headphone jack has been placed on the bottom right corner and has a tendency to get in the way of your hand.

While the design rates high marks for functionality, its fairly bland and plastic-looking casing is unlikely to win any awards for style.

With a 5-inch E Ink electronic paper display screen with a 600x800-pixel resolution and 8-level greyscale, the Mini's screen is clear and sharp just like a printed page. The smaller screen fits less text per page than ebook readers with a larger screen, which means you may have to turn the page a little more frequently and hence draw down its battery more rapidly. Unfortunately, this also means that some of the books/files you want to read on the Mini have to be formatted to the right size to be able to fit on the screen.


Navigating your way around the menus takes a little getting used to on the Mini, as it uses a numbered keypad system rather than a more traditional scrolling wheel. In order to navigate through the menus, you need to select the number which corresponds with the folder/file you wish to open.

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