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Asus Videophone Touch AiGuru Sv1T review: Asus Videophone Touch AiGuru Sv1T

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Omission impossible
Not every feature you'd find on Skype's computer-bound interface has survived the transition -- the biggest omission being chat. A huge part of the fun and functionality of chatting over Skype is the ability to share links, pictures, videos and so on. If your friends attempt to message you while you're signed in on the Videophone Touch, they'll receive a message back informing them you're using a mobile device and may not be able to receive messages.

There's also no option to top up your Skype account from the Videophone Touch. You have to pay to dial out to mobiles and landlines, but if you want to add credit you'll have to head over to the Skype Web site, which slightly defeats the object of being detached from a computer.

The biggest problem for the Videophone Touch is that it's very expensive. For £217 you could buy a netbook with a built-in webcam and a cheap headset -- a Skype-capable device that's also mobile and offers chat functions, plus a browser, email and everything else netbooks are useful for.

The Asus Videophone Touch is great at what it does. The call and video quality is impressive, and the experience is intuitive and fast. If you have elderly relatives who don't get on with computers, this might be a good option.

Unfortunately, the price is so high that unless you really feel like you couldn't use Skype on a computer, it's impossible to recommend the Videophone Touch over a laptop and headset. If that's something that appeals to you, check out the similarly priced Eee PC 901.

Editor's note: A previous version of this review had an incorrect score as the result of an editing error. It has now been corrected to reflect the author's intention.

Edited by Nick Hide

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