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Asus Videophone Touch AiGuru Sv1T review: Asus Videophone Touch AiGuru Sv1T

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The Good High call and video quality; brilliantly simple interface.

The Bad Looks rather old fashioned; no IM-style chat; no way of topping up your Skype account.

The Bottom Line The Asus Videophone Touch does a great job of making Skype-calling simple and intuitive with its easy-to-navigate menu systems and responsive touch-interface. Unfortunately there are some important features missing, and the high price means that unless you dislike using computers, it's hard to recommend over simply using a laptop

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6.5 Overall

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If you've spent any time abroad, or if you have family overseas, chances are you've signed up to Skype, the free online phone and chat service. If you're a regular Skyper, you might be interested in the Asus Videophone Touch -- a static touchscreen device that lets you make video calls from your Skype account, without the need for a computer. At around £200 from eXpansys, it's definitely on the pricey side though -- so is it really that much better than just using a netbook?

Fat-bottomed gadget
We can't say the Videophone Touch is much of a looker. You can choose an off-white gloss or a dark grey shade, and with its chunky, rounded build it looks rather old-fashioned. We'd define the look as 'fax-machine chic'. It's surprisingly heavy, and is definitely not designed to ever leave the house. On the front panel you'll find a speaker, as well as a range of large buttons. Along the top of the Videophone Touch there's a microphone, and the all-important webcam.

The speaker is loud and clear, and the buttons are simply labelled

Setup is impressively simple. The Videophone Touch can connect via Wi-Fi (or Ethernet cable if you wish), and once you're signed in to your home network the only thing left to do is sign in with your Skype login, entering your username and password via the touchscreen interface. We found the 7-inch TFT-LCD touchscreen to be responsive, and didn't notice any inaccuracy or failure to register inputs during our testing.

If you're put off by the fairly complicated interface of the computer-based Skype, you'll certainly appreciate the pared-down interface on show here. Once you're signed in you'll be presented with the main menu. This is surprisingly simple, with options to add contacts, browse your existing contacts, change your status and tinker with your account settings. The intuitive nature of the menu layout means that from switching the Videophone Touch on to actually making a call takes under a minute, without getting bogged down in menu navigation.

Call quality is high, coming through the front speaker loud and clear. If you're not happy with it, or want more privacy, there are 3.5mm sockets round the back where you can plug in headphones and a microphone.

The webcam produces a reasonably high quality picture for your caller, but like many webcams it struggles in low light. Still, once connected you're unlikely to have any trouble getting your message across.

The Videophone Touch is a bulky beast, and is probably best suited to sitting somewhere in your house rather than being moved around. Nevertheless, there's a lithium-ion battery hidden in the base. Asus claims you'll get around 20 minutes talk time or 30 minutes standby running off the battery, and our tests found that to be quite accurate. It's not much, but we could see it being useful for changing rooms mid-conversation, or giving your contacts a video tour of your house.

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