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Asus S6F review: Asus S6F

The Good Ultra-small, lightweight chassis; excellent keyboard; great screen; wireless connectivity.

The Bad Relative lack of power; limited number of IO ports.

The Bottom Line The S6F is an almost-perfect combination of style and substance. Its distinctive leather finish, small form factor and long battery life make it a joy to take on the road, and its powerful components allow it to keep up with the fastest of PCs. It's also tremendous value for money

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8.8 Overall

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It's been a long time coming, but the world of laptops is about to get a major shake-up thanks to arrival of the Asus S6 series. Not only do these laptops feature the latest Centrino Duo components, but also they're the first to feature permanent, real leather panels.

The Asus S6F wasn't available in the UK at time of publication, but Asus assures us you'll be able to buy it some time in May. The RRP is £1,699, but expect online retailers to lower that.

The S6F is obviously the product of painstaking design. It would have been easy for Asus to ruin the delicious prospect of a leather-clad laptop by delivering a shoddy final product, but during our time with it we found it to be as sturdy and as solidly built as the rest of the Asus laptop range.

Its biggest selling point is obviously its panelling. Asus has chosen to deck the rear of the screen and the palm rest below the keyboard in a real cow-leather material, though we'd like it if there were more abundant use of leather, perhaps around the screen bezel. Despite this, the overall aesthetic is superb. Some users won't be fond of the chocolate brown colour of our review sample, but a more contemporary camel-grey colour will soon be available exclusively via the Micro Anvika site, and there's the prospect of pink and possibly crocodile-skin editions later in the year.

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