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Asus Qube runs the latest Google TV with voice search and motion control

The Asus Qube runs the newest version of Google TV and features a custom, Asus-designed user interface.

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There's not a lot of new Google TV hardware here at CES 2013, but Asus is breathing some new life into the platform with the new Qube.

The boxy Asus Qube runs the latest version of Google TV, which means it features the redesigned PrimeTime guide and improved voice search capabilities. The hardware looks like a cross between a Boxee Box and the Vizio Co-Star, with rectangular edges and a chunky double-sided remote.

Asus Qube
The Asus Qube with Google TV Eric Franklin/CNET

It's yet another Google TV box with a bewildering remote covered in buttons, but the Qube supports both motion control and voice search, which should take some of the focus off button-fumbling.

Asus Qube remote
Eric Franklin
Asus Qube remote
Eric Franklin/CNET

The Qube will also sport an Asus-designed custom user interface, which makes it possible to group downloaded apps. (Last year's Vizio Co-Star was the first Google TV box with a skinned user interface, although it wasn't able to make Google TV that much easier to use.) Asus is also providing 50GB of Asus WebStorage to Qube buyers.

Asus Qube back panel
Eric Franklin/CNET

Asus has not announced pricing or availability for the Qube.

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