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Apple Safari 5 review: Apple Safari 5

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The Good Useful add-ons; speedy; supports HTML 5.

The Bad Add-ons must be signed off by Apple.

The Bottom Line A valuable upgrade to Safari. It's a shame add-ons have to go through the Apple approval process, but this browser is speedy and adds some smart new features.

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7.5 Overall

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High fives all round for Safari 5, the newest version of Apple's Web browser. As iPhone 4 steals the headlines, Safari 5 gets extensions, more HTML5 goodness, and ad-free reading of articles.

Safari 5 also cosies up to Microsoft, adding the Bing search engine as a built-in search option alongside Google and Yahoo. The address bar also autocompletes your typing to search any part of the Web addresses in your history and bookmarks, instead of just the start of each URL.

Adding add-ons

Safari 5 adds extensions, dinky bits of software that add extra features to the browser. The option to bolt on different add-ons to your browser has long been Firefox's killer feature, but it seems every browser has them these days. Developers can build them in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, but they need to be signed off by Apple. It seems Apple will takes the same walled-garden approach to extensions as it does to iPhone and iPad apps, although the company has yet to get back to us on whether there'll be an 'app store for extensions'.

Update: Apple has told us that Safari 5 will include an extensions gallery for users to browse add-ons before downloading them from the developer's Web site. The gallery will open "in the summer". If you fancy making your own extension, sign up to the free Safari Developer Program and use the add-on builder within Safari.

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