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Apple MacBook Pro (17-inch, 2.4GHz) review: Apple MacBook Pro (17-inch, 2.4GHz)

The Apple MacBook Pro has been refreshed and reenergised. While the looks are essentially the same as last year's model, you'll find faster processors and a new chipset, plus more memory and a larger hard drive. With more muscle under the hood, this Pro can certainly put on a show

Dan Ackerman Editorial Director / Computers and Gaming
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Dan Ackerman

Apple's recent update of its 13-inch MacBook line was a modest one, with an incremental processor upgrade and updated default components. However, the 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro laptops have gotten a much more radical overhauling, even if they -- like the MacBooks -- look the same on the outside as previous-generation models.


Apple MacBook Pro (17-inch, 2.4GHz)

The Good

Updated CPUs and graphics without an updated price; LED-backlit display for better battery life; 802.11n support.

The Bad

Minimal configuration options; only 90 days of complimentary technical support; still no media card reader.

The Bottom Line

Apple's MacBook Pro line gets a solid under-the-hood upgrade for better performance and longer battery life, allowing the MacBook Pro to put enough distance between itself and the lower-end MacBook to justify its higher price

We have reviewed the 15-inch, 2.4GHz middle child in the MacBook family, which costs £1,599. The entry-level 15-inch, 2.2GHz model starts at £1,299 and the 17-inch, 2.4GHz model sells for £1,799. Click through to read our main review.