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Anova announces a new smart sous vide cooker for 2015

Due this summer, the new Anova Touch immersion circulator will boast Wi-Fi cooking smarts and a full color capacitive touchscreen.

Ry Crist Senior Editor / Reviews - Labs
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Ry Crist
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LAS VEGAS -- First came the Anova One , an affordable sous vide circulator that found success on Kickstarter. Then, at the end of 2014, there was the Anova Precision Cooker , an upgrade that refined the design and added Bluetooth-powered smarts into the mix. Now, for the 2015 International CES, Anova is announcing a Wi-Fi model with a full color capacitive touchscreen due out this summer, the Anova Touch.

Sous vide, in case you're unfamiliar, is an increasingly popular cooking style that submerges vacuum-sealed ingredients within a water bath held to a consistent temperature. Professional chefs and high-end restaurants have been using the technique to cook your favorite dishes for years, citing the even, consistent results and ease of use. Anova (and other devices like it) bring the technique home.

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Anova tells us that, like the Bluetooth model pictured above, the Anova Touch will feature some key design upgrades over the previous generation. The touchscreen obviously sounds the most conspicuous (Anova tells us it'll mimic the foodie-friendly visuals of Anova's app, due later this month), but we can expect other, more subtle touches as well. The head will pivot, for instance, letting users view the device face from multiple angles without needing to turn a heavy pot full of a water.

The other clear upgrade here is the Wi-Fi. Unlike the Bluetooth model, you won't have your range limited with the Anova Touch. That opens the door for more meaningful remote control. You could, for instance, start the cooker from the office before leaving at the end of the day, and come home to a piping-hot sous vide bath that's ready for whatever it is you want to cook.

Pricing and availability for the Anova Touch are yet to be determined, but it's safe to assume that our taste testers are looking forward to a hands-on.