Aneta Genova Christian iPod Case (Black w/ silver)

Recommended for die-hard fashionistas only, the Anetagenova Christian case is a definite shoo-in for the "fashion over function" award.

Anetagenova Christian
This shiny black case is all about looks. The Anetagenova Christian has neither openings for accessing the iPod's controls nor a slot for the dock connector. You won't even find a window for the display. What it does have, however, is style. The black leather case sports a eye-catching silver stripe down the middle, a strap on the top left to--more or less--secure your iPod, and a metal clasp in place of a (hopelessly uncool) belt clip. At $79, the pricey Christian won't do much to protect your iPod from scrapes or falls, but it looks fabulous.