Ambi Climate review: Ambi Climate offers smart management of your home air conditioning

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MSRP: $179.00

The Good The Ambi Climate cuts down on power consumption compared to regular use of the air conditioner and it's pretty easy to setup and use through an app.

The Bad While the device features temperature and humidity tracking, the data isn't fully available due to the limitations of the app and there's no way to manually schedule timers

The Bottom Line If you live in Asia and want to cut down on your power consumption from turning on your air conditioner to chase away the tropical heat, Ambi Climate is an excellent choice to help you with that.

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8.5 Overall
  • Features 8
  • Usability 9
  • Design 8
  • Performance 9

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Ambi Climate isn't your usual everyday gadget. Its one job is to cool homes while also cutting down on power consumption. While it's designed for homes in Asia, there's no reason why you can't use this in anywhere that you'd require air conditioning to keep your environment pleasantly cool.

The device comes with Nest-like smarts , which like the smart thermostat, offers self-learning and sensor driven control features, a friendly-looking design and a relatively affordable price tag of $179 (on special currently for $144, which converts to about £94, AU$202). It also works with most air conditioners, and can be accessed remotely through either your iOS or Android smartphone.

After spending about three weeks testing this, I'm pretty much sold on the idea. Given that most air conditioners in Asia are traditional, non-connected appliances, this device is an excellent add-on. And if you're hankering for a smart home, you don't have to fork out more for a brand new air-conditioning system (which can usually run into the thousands), but you will need an Ambi Climate for each room -- a three-room setup would cost $537 (though there's a preorder special going on now at $344; converted, the setup is about £224, AU$483). Currently, it's only available for preorder through the official website and will be launching very soon.

Design and setup

Instead of going for an industrial look and feel, the design of the Ambi Climate opts for a friendly touch with its round curves and plastic body. It's a simple-looking design, but it will fit in most rooms without clashing.

Since it's designed to be controlled through your smartphone (either Android or iOS), there's a complete lack of buttons on the device. On the front are three LED lights that let you know it's on and connected to the Wi-Fi network. At the top is a shiny black plastic cap, which is where infrared signals are emitted to control your air conditioner. This is also how it communicates with your air conditioner's infrared port. The device is compatible with over 350 air-conditioner remotes, and you can check out that list here.

Also found at the top are ventilation vents, and if you peek inside, you'll notice that there's plenty of room -- technically speaking, the device could have been smaller.

But there's actually a good reason for this spaciousness. While Ambi Climate doesn't generate much heat on its own -- I measured the device to be about 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit), the surrounding temperature was around 29 to 30 C (86 F). Through the app, Ambi Climate reported the room temperature to be about 31 C, which goes to show there's probably a bit of leakage there, so having the space for ventilation is important.

Ventilation is important so that the temperature sensors don't misread the environment.

Aloysius Low/CNET

At the rear you'll find a USB port -- though it's not for you to plug in a flash drive. You'll need this port free to power the Ambi Climate. There's also a non-removable Wi-Fi dongle, and on the front is a motion sensor, to let the device track activity patterns.

Setting up is pretty easy. Once you power it on for the first time, the unit will broadcast its own WiFi SSID, which you then tell your phone to access. Once you're on the unit's network, you then turn on the app, log into your account and then proceed to set up to allow the Ambi Climate access to your home wireless network. Do note that it only works with 2.4GHz frequencies, so no 5GHz networks as it won't be able to detect those.

Once done, you need to specify your air conditioner's model and choose a room name and you'd be all set to go.



The app is simple and easy to use.

Screenshot by Aloysius Low/CNET

Through the app, Ambi Climate offers four different ways you can control the air conditioner. Comfort mode, basically lets Ambi Climate control the temperature and speed, and you can tell it if you're feeling too warm or too cool by tapping on the floating circle in the middle. The AI behind this mode will then learn what you prefer and adjust accordingly.