Your kids can break this tablet as many times as they want (for a while)

The $100 Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet comes with a two-year guarantee.

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As tempting as it is to think that Amazon's $50 Fire tablet is a great and affordable tablet to buy for your kid, it would be wise to invest in an upgrade to the Fire Kids Edition, if only for the two-year guarantee that allows unlimited replacements if the tablet is broken.

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition costs $100 and it consists of the Fire tablet , a protective case, one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited and a two-year guarantee. Sure, it costs the same amount as two Fire tablets, but the additional perks in the Kids Edition add an extra level of value and security that you won't find anywhere else.

If you're wondering if it's worth your money to buy this for your kids, we think yes. You'll find more details below, but it's a great deal for $100 and the Worry-Free guarantee means you have unlimited replacements for two years.

Below is a breakdown of the important things you need to know about the Amazon Fire Kids Edition. If you want to know more about specs and performance, you'll find that in the Fire review .

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What's the difference between the Fire tablet and the Fire tablet that comes with the Kids Edition?

There is no difference. The tablet itself is identical.

Then why does the Kids Edition cost $100?

You're not paying more for a better tablet, you're paying more for a few additional extras. Think of the Kids Edition as more of a package, rather than a different version of the tablet. It's essentially the Fire with some kid-friendly goodies thrown in.


This is what you'll find inside of the Kids Edition box.

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What kind of 'extras' are these?

Included is a protective case, a one-year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited and a Worry-Free guarantee. More on these below.

What does the case look like?

The case comes in blue or pink and it's made of rubber. It's chunky, but lightweight. The curved sides make it comfy to hold and easy to grip for small hands. The edges have a more grippy textured, while the back has a subtle geometric pattern the feels soft on fingertips.


The Kids Edition comes with a year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited.

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What is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited? Do I need to pay for anything?

Think of it as a Prime membership for children. The FreeTime Unlimited subscription offers access to kid-friendly books, TV shows, movies, apps and games. It's all inclusive and can be accessed through the FreeTime app that comes preloaded onto the tablet. There are extensive parental controls so you can set time limits and control what content can be accessed. It's suggested for kids between the ages of 3 and 10.

With the purchase of the Fire Kids Edition, you get FreeTime Unlimited for free for one year. Usually, it costs $5 (£4) per month for one child or $10 (£8) a month for up to four children. If you're an Amazon Prime member, there's a bit of a discount. The service is currently unavailable in Australia

Do I need an Amazon Prime account in order to activate FreeTime Unlimited?

No. The content available for kids is the same whether you're a Prime member or not.

What's the Worry-Free guarantee?

If anything happens to the tablet, Amazon will replace it. The warranty lasts two years and, according to Amazon, there is no maximum number of returns you can make within that time. Just note, it's not insurance; it doesn't cover theft or loss.


The case provides some cushion for the tablet.

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What happens if my kid gets food stuck inside one of the ports? If the screen cracks, will it cut their fingers? Is it waterproof?

The Fire only has one port (Micro-USB) and if for any reason it doesn't work, you can contact Amazon for a replacement.

If the screen cracks, I recommend taking it away from your child to prevent injury, and then contacting Amazon for a replacement.

I only know of one tablet that's waterproof, and it's not the Fire. If your kid decides to bring the tablet into the bathtub and it stops working, contact Amazon for a replacement.

Amazon states that the two-year guarantee is truly a no-questions-asked policy. If you need a replacement for a cracked screen, charging problems or blown-out speaker, they'll replace it.

What age is the Kids Edition recommended for?

Amazon recommends the tablet for anyone over the age of 3.

I have a bunch of my kid's favorite movies on my computer. Can I transfer them to the tablet?

Yes. You can download them directly onto the tablet, but since it only comes with 8GB of internal storage, I strongly recommends taking advantage of the expandable microSD card slot. You can add up to 128GB by purchasing and installing a suitable microSD card.


The main screen for a child's profile is simplified.

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Do I have to do anything special to set it up?

When you initially set up the tablet, it requires you to make a default user profile. From there you have to set up your kids' profile, which is a limited profile that restricts Internet use. For example, they can't access the browser or download music. Amazon has instructions on how to do so here.

Does that mean I can use the tablet, too?

Yes. In your default user profile (unlike the child profile) you can access the entire Amazon video, audiobook and music library, as well as the Web browser.

Can my kids access my profile?

Accessing your profile (as well as the settings) requires a PIN code. As long as your kid doesn't know it, he or she won't be able to log into your profile.


The case is also available in pink.

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Will my kid have access to in-app purchases or anything that will charge my credit card?

No. The settings under the child's profile disables any links for in-app purchases.

Can I limit when or how often the tablet is used?

You can manage time limits, as well as what content they have access to and when they can access it.


This is what the parental controls menu looks like.

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Is it worth the extra $50?

Yes. If you get a replacement within the two years, it ends up paying for itself, especially considering that the cost also includes the perk of FreeTime Unlimited for a year and a case that can withstand your children's haphazard handling. If you're interested in more details about the Amazon Fire tablet itself, like what its screen looks like and how it performs, check out the full review .