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The Good Simple to set up; integrates with Google PowerMeter; AlertMe Web service is excellent.

The Bad Ongoing subscription fee; receiver hub doesn't support Wi-Fi.

The Bottom Line The AlertMe Energy system is very easy to set up, and the Web service for viewing your power consumption is also well-designed. But, unless you have a large, energy-hungry home, it'll be a long time before your investment will be paid back in savings on your electricity bills

6.5 Overall

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AlertMe Energy is an Internet-enabled energy-monitoring system for your home that also happens to be the first self-installed system compatible with Google's free PowerMeter service. The kit is available for £49 from AlertMe's Web site, but you also need to sign up to a £1.99-per-month, 12-month contract.

Simple to set up
The AlertMe Energy pack consists of a wireless power meter that you connect to your electricity meter, a transmitter that you connect to the power meter, and a receiver hub that you connect to an Ethernet port on your broadband router. The power meter communicates with the hub to send data back to the secure AlertMe Web site. You can then log into the Web site from any Internet-connected PC or smart phone and view the power usage in your home.

The system is pretty easy to set up. Firstly, you need to attach the power meter to any of the cables entering your electricity meter. This is easier than it sounds, as the power meter simply clamps over the cable and clicks into place. You then connect the power meter to the transmitter device, which runs off two D batteries. It's worth mentioning that the transmitter unit is rather large, so, if your electricity meter is tucked away in a small cabinet, the transmitter may not fit neatly inside.

Once you've got the power meter up and running, the next step is to set up the receiver hub. This has to be powered from the mains and also needs to be connected to your router via an Ethernet cable, as it doesn't have Wi-Fi support.

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