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Alcatel OT-S120 review: Alcatel OT-S120

The Good Simple but stylish design; straightforward interface.

The Bad Lack of onboard memory.

The Bottom Line If you're looking for an inexpensive handset that covers the basics, the Alcatel OT-S120 is a good choice. While it's Stone Age compared to some of the smart phones we get in, we were impressed with its small size, low price, snazzy design and straightforward interface

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6.5 Overall

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Sometimes all you want -- and frankly, need -- is a phone that does the basics and does them well. Finding a simple phone can be surprisingly difficult, but we think Alcatel might be on to something with its OT-S120.

According to Alcatel, it will be out soon and cost under £20. You'll most likely be able to buy it from Argos and Woolworths, among other high street shops.

Pay as you go phones usually look as though they've been made out of leftover parts and put together in factories run by gremlins, but not the cute kind. The Alcatel OT-S120 breaks this mould: it's one of the most attractive pay as you go phones we've seen so far.

It may be small, but it feels solid and its black casing keeps things simple. There are several dimples on the back that add some extra style. Its rubberised keypad is easy to press and well laid-out. We particularly like that the navigation keys are nice and large, so we aren't pressing multiple buttons with our man-thumbs.

Sure, it's basic, but like your local greasy spoon, it does the basics well. If it's simple you want, it's simple you'll get. There's a black and white screen that's easy to read and is clearly visible in bright sunlight.

Composing a text message is made easy using predictive text. There's no MMS facility, but then again, it does only have a black and white screen. Other features include an alarm clock, a calculator and two simple games, one of which is similar to Tetris.

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