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Alcatel OT-282 review: Alcatel OT-282

The Alcatel OT-282 is a decent budget option for elderly people who want a simple mobile, but the Vodafone 155 offers the same for less.

Natasha Lomas Mobile Phones Editor, CNET UK
Natasha Lomas is the Mobile Phones Editor for CNET UK, where she writes reviews, news and features. Previously she was Senior Reporter at Silicon.com, covering mobile technology in the business sphere. She's been covering tech online since 2005.
Natasha Lomas
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Alcatel OneTouch 282 is an entry-level phone designed for elderly or minimal mobile users who want a straightforward handset for making calls and sending the odd text.


Alcatel OT-282

The Good

Cheap; Handy charging dock; SOS button; Hearing aid compatible.

The Bad

Interface could be simpler; Fewer features would make it more straightforward.

The Bottom Line

The Alcatel OneTouch 282 is designed for elderly people or those who want a very simple mobile experience -- packing big-buttons, an SOS emergency key and hearing aid compatibility. It's a solid budget option but you can get the same device on Vodafone for £5 less.

At just £30 on pay as you go, the handset is cheaper than lots of other mobiles marketed at elderly people -- such as Doro's range of simplified handsets. But Vodafone is offering essentially the same device -- the Vodafone 155 -- for £5 less.

Both phones have an SOS button on the back that can be customised to call and text a variety of contacts, plus hearing aid compatibility and an FM radio. They also come with a handy charging dock where the handset can live when it's at home.

Should I buy the Alcatel OneTouch 282?

The Alcatel OneTouch 282 is the phone you buy for an older relative who would struggle with small buttons or touchscreens.

Alcatel OneTouch 282 keypad
The 282 has big buttons to make calling easier -- but texting on the numeric keypad is laborious.

Alcatel describes it as "a simple choice for those who don't want a complicated Android device" -- and it's certainly light on features.

There is a handy SOS button on the back for emergencies, which calls and texts pre-set contacts when pressed. But while making and receiving calls is straightforward, the menus and features aren't always as basic as they could be.

The Alcatel OneTouch is an affordable £30 on pay as you go, which makes it cheaper than other no frills mobiles such as the Doro PhoneEasy 409gsm, which costs around £90. But it's still more expensive than Vodafone's branded version of the same handset -- the 155.

For a full review of the Alcatel OneTouch 282 read the Vodafone 155 review.


The Alcatel OneTouch 282 is an affordable option for someone who needs a very basic phone for making calls, or to have to hand in case of emergencies, thanks to its SOS button.

Alcatel OneTouch 282 emergency button
The Alcatel OneTouch 282 has an emergency button on the back that sounds an alarm, and calls and texts up to four contacts.

It's not always as basic as it could be but it's considerably cheaper than a lot of the mobiles in this category. If you're really smitten with this handset, you should probably check out the cheaper Vodafone 155.