AEG washer softens its water to help clothes last longer

The new AE Electrolux 9000 Series washer gets tough on water hardness to go easy on your garments.

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Brian Bennett
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Imagine if your laundry appliances could ruthlessly rid dirt from clothes yet be gentle enough to never damage their delicate fabric and fibers. It may sound like an unrealistic dream but AEG Electrolux says its new line of washers and dryers are built to do exactly that. Freshly announced at IFA 2016 in Berlin, the new 9000 Series Washing Machine is especially capable of preserving laundry items.

According to the company this advanced washer actually filters and softens its water supply to clean more efficiently but at extremely low temperatures. The benefit of this approach claim AEG Electrolux is a washing machine which launders without leaching bright colors or deep blacks from your favorite garments even after scores of laundry cycles.

Use the app to choose a cycle

Another clothes-friendly tool in the 9000 Series Washer's arsenal is the My AEG app, a mobile application which provides specific care advice based on the type of cloth you plan on cleaning. The app also chooses a recommended cycle plus tweaks its individual settings accordingly for optimal performance.

Built into the application as well are general tips and a guide to interpret the often cryptic symbols you see on clothing labels You can download versions of the software for either iOS or Android depending what platform suits your needs best.

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Get laundry handling help from the My AEG mobile app.


Along with the 9000 Series, AEG Electrolux also unveiled the 8000 and 7000 Series washing machines though both are less sophisticated and lack water softening technology. In addition neither have the ability to link to the My AEG mobile application.

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The AEG Electrolux 9000 Series washer softens water for gentler cycles.

AEG Electrolux

Better than air

AEG Electrolux pulled the tarp off of a pair of new dryers too designed to pair with their fancy washer siblings. Named the 8000 and 7000 Series Tumble Driers, the most notable is the 8000 series machine. It boasts cycles Electrolux claims safely dries items sewn from unforgiving materials such as silk and wool.

An "Outdoor" mode is supposedly as safe as air drying and handles water-resistant, windproof, and breathable sportswear lightly enough to remove moisture but is hot enough to flatten wrinkles. That said the cycle won't harshly strip away chemical coatings or destroy synthetic fabrics.

AEG Electrolux hasn't yet disclosed pricing for these appliances nor did it release specific availability beyond sometime in 2017. The company does plan to have its connected laundry app up and running by, "mid-2017."