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Advent Verona review: Advent Verona

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The Good Fairly attractive, slender and lightweight; cheap.

The Bad Under-powered Intel Celeron 743 processor; wobbly keyboard.

The Bottom Line The Advent Verona is the cheapest ULV laptop we've seen so far, but it falls somewhat short in the performance department. Even so, £330 isn't a bad price for a machine of its type, and, if you only need to run Office-type tasks, it's much more comfortable to use than a 10-inch netbook

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6.5 Overall

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We're not completely sure what the thinking is behind the names of Advent's new budget laptops. First there was the Roma 1000, then the Roma 3000, then the Milano and now the Verona. We can only assume that the next model to arrive will be the 'Pollo Ad Astra'. Until then, let's take a look at this budget, 13.3-inch, ultra-low-voltage laptop. Here we review the £330 model with an Intel Celeron 743 CPU. A model with an Intel Pentium SU2700 CPU is available for £400.

Easy on the eye
Budget laptops usually tend to look rather bland, but, like the 15.6-inch Roma models and the 10.2-inch Milano netbook we reviewed recently, the Verona is rather pleasant to look at. The chassis is well-proportioned, with a profile that tapers from a very thin front edge to a 32mm-thick rear end. Its 1.6kg weight compares favourably with that of other 13.3-inch, ULV laptops we've looked at.

Both the lid and keyboard surround are made from light grey plastic, with a darker pattern of swirls, while the rest of the case is black plastic. All in all, the Verona isn't a bad-looking laptop, particularly considering its price.

Flawed keyboard
The chassis provides plenty of room for a full-size keyboard. The Verona has a low-profile keyboard with wide, flat keys. It's comfortable enough to use, but we didn't care for the wobbly key tops, or the excessive travel. Neither are major hindrances, but we've used better keyboards, even at this price.

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