Adonit's Android and iOS-friendly Jot Dash stylus activates with a click

The company's newest active stylus gets an easy-connect makeover.

Lori Grunin

Lori Grunin

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One of the biggest hassles of using an active stylus -- one that communicates with the device via Bluetooth to allow for more responsive drawing, rather than just simulating your finger -- with a phone or tablet is the cumbersome process of setting up the Bluetooth connection. Adonit, known for it's pressure-sensitive Jot Touch and note-taking Jot Script , hopes to streamline stylus usage with the Jot Dash, by allowing you to initiate your scribbling with the click of a button.

It's a fine-tipped stylus with a relatively thin, pen-like barrel that Adonit says is its thinnest active stylus. The nib is approximately the same size as the Bamboo Stylus fineline , Wacom's competing general-purpose (notetaking and drawing) stylus. The Jot Dash, however, goes both ways -- it will work with both and Apple iOS mobile devices.

The Jot Dash has a clip on it, which addresses one of my biggest issues with the Adonit styluses -- they roll on flat surfaces. However, it also charges the same way as the company's other products, by standing upright on a dongle plugged into a USB port. I like Wacom's accessory-free charging better. Adonit says the tip recedes into the barrel when you press for a more natural feel.

It's priced about the same as similar styluses, $50, and is available now from Adonit's website, which ships internationally. There's no word on UK or Australian launches, but that price converts to about £35 or AU$70.