Adobe Spark review: An app to help you tell your stories

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The Good Adobe Spark smartly unifies the company's set of social-graphics creation tools for nonprofessionals.

The Bad Adobe annoyingly tags the ends of your videos and scrolling pages with ads for Spark, and there's still no easy way to apply consistent designs across each module.

The Bottom Line A useful set of tools for creating graphics and visual stories for social media, Adobe Spark delivers nice results pretty easily.


A nod to its nonprofessional users, Adobe Spark merges the company's individual Adobe Post, Adobe Voice and Adobe Slate iOS apps into powerful, easy to use -- and still free -- Web-based tool for folks that need to produce visually intensive content for social sharing that Marketers call it visual storytelling. As part of the rebranding, they've been renamed Spark Post, Spark Video and Spark Page, respectively.

On iPhones and iPads they remain standalone apps; Android continues to get no love. Sadly, the Web app won't run on small screens, so that's not even a workaround. The Web app has a unified interface for the three, with My Projects displaying each apps' projects. From there you launch into them. The projects are stored in the cloud and automatically sync between the computer and your Apple devices. The modules are pretty similar to the apps when we reviewed them, albeit with some additional features that Adobe added as time went on.

Spark Post lets you create single-image graphics with text overlays. It's easy to use and you can change type style, colors, layouts and page size, through presets or manually. It's real advantage is automation. You can cycles through styles and palettes and change themes, layouts and filters and the program intelligently adapts the design.

Spark Page generates single-page scrolling Web pages. It also handles automatic formatting quite well, and allows for some sophisticated effects like embedding a video in a picture.

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