The XB280HK gaming monitor features an ergonomic design that can rotate to portrait orientation. Acer

Acer added a slick pair of Nvidia G-SYNC-featuring displays to its lineup. The 28-inch XB280HK and 27-inch XB270H are geared toward gamers, thanks to the new technology that synchronizes the monitor's refresh rate to the GPU, resulting in smoother gameplay and refined visuals.

The Acer XB280HK is a high-end 28-inch display with a LED backlit display and 3,840x2,160-pixel resolution at 60Hz. It's one of the only 4K monitors to offer Nvidia's G-SYNC technology and is competitively priced at $800 in the US (it can be found in the UK for £500 incl. VAT; Australian availability has not been announced, but converted pricing is about AU$900).

There are plenty of ports, but no speakers. Acer

The Acer XB270H is the 27-inch model in the series, but it features a few downgrades and a lower starting price of $600 (available in the UK for about £370 incl. VAT; Australian availability has not been announced, but converted pricing is about AU$680). Instead of a 4K display the XB270H sports a full-HD 1,920x1,080-resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate.

Both monitors house a DisplayPort, high-speed USB 3.0 ports (1 up, 4 down) and have a purported 1ms response time. Their designs are also similar, providing an ergonomic experience with a multitude of tilt, swivel, and pivot options for easily optimizing your viewing angle.

Sharp, smooth, and fast graphics for gaming thanks to Nvidia's G-SYNC technology. Acer

Nvidia G-SYNC technology, which made a debut at CES 2014, reduces video delays, frame tears, stutters, and lag -- as long as you're using a computer with the Nvidia GTX GPU. Matched with its 4K resolution, the Acer XB280HK display is an attractive option for gamers interested in a sharp monitor with fast and responsive visuals.

The Acer XB270H is available now and the XB280HK is expected to hit stores in October, and available for preorder now.