Acer's Holo360 is a 360-degree video factory for your pocket

Running on Android, the LTE-connected camera can shoot, edit and share spherical photos and video.

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Acer has made an all-in-one device to capture, view, edit and share 360-degree spherical video. Yes, Acer. 


The Acer Vision360 is a 360-degree camera for your car. 


The Holo360 was teased in April, but became official today at Acer's press event at IFA 2017 with two other 360-degree cameras: the Xtro360 and in-car Vision360.

Running on Android 7.1 and powered by Qualcomm's Connected Camera Platform with its Snapdragon 625 mobile processor, the Holo360 can shoot ultra HD 4K-resolution video and 6.9K-resolution photos. 

Unlike its competitors, though, you won't need a secondary device such as a phone or tablet to see what you're shooting, edit what you've shot, or share it on social. The Holo360 has a built-in 3-inch touchscreen and LTE data connectivity. This also means you'll be able to set up a 360-degree livestream on the spot without piggybacking on your phone's data.  

The Xtro360, which comes out some time in 2018, has a larger screen and faster processor than the Holo360. As well as shooting all-around footage, it has a regular camera to take boring old flat photos.

Like the Holo, the Xtro360 also has a data connection, so you can edit your footage on the device and then upload it straight to the internet or social media without transferring it to a computer. And you can livestream from the Xtro too, shooting video and beaming it live and direct to viewers on the web.

Joining it will be the Acer Vision360, a 360-degree 4K-resolution camera for your car. With its LTE connection and GPS, the camera can instantly record the time and location of a collision, which can be instantly uploaded to cloud storage for safekeeping. And since it's connected, you can get a remote view from it on your phone. 

Acer expects the Holo360 to arrive in November for $429, which converts to approximately £330 or AU$540. Pricing and availability were not immediately available for the Vision360 or Xtro360.