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The 808 Audio XL-V speaker retails for $130.

David Carnoy/CNET

Add another Amazon Alexa-enabled voice control speaker to the growing list: The 808 Audio XL-V ($130).

I saw an early version of it back in June and thought it looked similar to the original Amazon Echo. That's partially because 808 Audio has made cannister-style wireless Bluetooth speakers for a few years. Those earlier models are a little generic -- both in terms of design and sound -- but this new XL-V did have a little more premium look and feel to it.  

The company says the XL-V will come fully equipped with "multiroom audio allowing users to pair additional speakers in other parts of the home and stream music everywhere at the same time" and you'll get access to thousands of Alexa skills, including plenty for controlling smart-home products like lights, thermostats and shades.

The XL-V connects to Wi-Fi and has to be plugged in; it's not a portable speaker with a rechargeable battery like the new UE Blast and Megablast.

It's unclear what advantage buying this over Amazon's new $100 Echo or Echo Plus ($150) would be, but when we get a review unit, we'll let you know how it performs.